CCTV Installation

Survey and risk assessment

Before your CCTV installation,  GES will conduct a full site survey to ensure that our project delivery is seamless and to identify your individual risks and operational requirements. Our experts will use their years of experience and knowledge of the issues your business or property may face, to identify your needs and to provide you with the highest levels of protection.


Whether you require traditional analogue cameras or the latest in IP technology, our expert designers have many years of experience in creating bespoke CCTV systems in all types of properties. Your specific risks previously identified in our survey will be taken into account, as well as your individual property requirements and restrictions.  Your design will be individual and tailored to your needs to consider the:-

  • Ability to monitor on-site or remotely
  • Integration with your existing network or other security devices
  • Scope for expansion if you want to develop your system to meet the needs of your business

Implementation and delivery

There is now a vast range of CCTV cameras and housings available to suit all applications and environments, and we can install cameras in a huge array of varying locations and conditions.

If you are installing a stand-alone system or integrating your CCTV into your wider security system, our fully trained engineers ensure that all your property is well protected with the right coverage and highest picture quality from your CCTV.

Our expert installers will be able to install both new CCTV systems and upgrades to your existing system. This may mean changing your analogue cameras signal to digital, or replacing old cameras with new IP technology.

Handover and customer satisfaction

All new projects require operators to be fully trained in the use of their new systems, and we offer product training at the end of every installation. Only when we are satisfied that users are competent in the use of their systems, do we sign them off.

Maintenance and ongoing support

Following your installation by GES, our outstanding customer service will ensure that all of your preventative CCTV maintenance needs are met, ensuring the optimum performance of your CCTV system over its lifetime. Our experts are on hand to assist you with any operational queries, faults or security advice.

For more information on our installation services, contact one of our expert team today on 01268 776866


CCTV Installation