Integrated Security

With a new focus on intelligent buildings and fully integrated systems, the need to look at how you can move to an integrated security system may be high on your agenda. At GES we specialise in fully integrated systems linking your security and safety systems, such as CCTV, fire alarms, intruder alarms and access control, to provide you with the highest levels of protection. From single offices or retail units, to multi-site global businesses, GES can meet all of your integrated security requirements.

How does integrated security work for your business?

Your integrated security solutions from GES have endless applications. You will be able to:-

  • monitor intrusion alarms
  • arm and disarm security zones
  • create reports and graphical representations of incidents
  • see a complete audit trail with database records
  • screen and verify all visitors
  • produce detailed evacuation reports on who is in the building to emergency response teams
  • trigger automatic responses
  • one view of the incident on a single user-friendly control panel
  • significantly reduce false alarms and also improve operational efficiency in managing security
  • receive seamless integration of your security solution into any existing building management system
  • benefit from added functionality such as added lighting control

A practical example

In the event of an intrusion a glass-break alarm or motion detector can cause a camera to pan, tilt and zoom to the alarm zone, while the live and recorded feed appears on the workstation. An access control card reader is used by authorised personnel to simultaneously unlock entry doors and disarm the alarm, whilst keeping relevant areas locked down until emergency services arrive at the premises.

Why choose GES?

The safety of your employees and your property is a key concern of any business. Whether you require an integrated system designed and installed from scratch, or assistance to integrate your current systems, the open platforms utilised by GES, allow seamless integration and high levels of functionality.

We understand that your business and property is unique – which is why our engineers are trained to advise you on the best options to protect your property, staff, visitors and the general public.

We carry out a full security survey and then work with you to design an integrated system that includes the products you want, need and can afford within your budget, to ensure the highest levels of protection.

For more information on our integrated security solutions, contact one of our expert team today on 01268 776866


Integrated Security