Grosvenor Access Control
If you are looking specifically at JANUS access control systems, then GES Security are expertly qualified to advise you and both install and maintain your system. Our reputation as an authority in the fire and security industry makes us a first choice supplier of fire and security installations for our partners. Together we deliver tailored solutions for the public sector, building companies, architects, M&E consultants, electrical contractors, security contractor, and project managers. We recognise that our success and the highest levels of protection will be secured through our approval to install the JANUS access control system, so we can offer you the choice of the most recent technological developments. As well as working with our partners to present you with the best fire and security solutions for your needs and budget, we ensure that their products are installed and maintained to the highest standards.

About Janus access control

Grosvenor Technology is a global leader in advanced access control and security management systems and their JANUS access platform has long been recognised as a market leader fulfilling a wide range of enterprise solutions. JANUS integrates with CCTV switchers, digital and network video recording, time and attendance, intruder and other critical business systems, to become the ‘hub’ or focal point of your company’s electronic security.

Why Janus access control?

Like GES, their policy of evolving with technology whilst maintaining backwards compatibility means that JANUS is the chosen system for a wide range of industries. Together, we have developed a reputation for providing the most sophisticated access control systems, across a broad spectrum of high profile commercial and public business sectors.

With access control becoming ever more wide-ranging and increasingly more complex, they have designed their products with the enterprise security professional predominantly in mind. Different organisations have different needs, so JANUS Enterprise has the inbuilt ability to control and manage a global installation using a single core system, or an array of separate systems geographically dispersed. This provides you with the greatest possible flexibility, as you can globally manage employee records, visitor records, cards and access authorities across one or multiple JANUS systems.

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