Retail Security

If you’re a retail owner or shopping centre manager, finding the time to assess your security requirements can be challenging.  The current trends towards integrating security systems, as well as using CCTV for an ever increasing range of business tasks, now means that planning your systems has never been so important.

At GES we will provide you with clear identification of the risks your retail premises may face, as well as individually designed solutions to help you mitigate such risk and assist you in other practical solutions for your business.

Why choose GES?

Your retail security project will be managed in-house by our highly experienced and professional team, who will have expert knowledge of your industry. Your project will be managed to ensure that it is delivered on schedule, within budget and to our consistently high standard.

Whether you require a new fully integrated security system, or upgrades, or maintenance for an existing system, GES have extensive experience of working within your industry whilst being ever aware of the needs of your business to remain in operation.

Our retail security solutions

Retail security has very specialist demands, which GES is expertly qualified to meet. This may include:-

  • CCTV for deterrent of intruders or shoplifters, monitoring employee location, ensuring health and safety regulations are met, and monitoring deliveries
  • Access control restrictions to separate display and storage areas
  • Panic buttons
  • Alarm systems for internal and perimeter breaches
  • CCTV to assist with establishing footfall or product placement and merchandising requirements
  • Queue management
  • Access control to monitor times of working for your employees
  • Door entry systems with use of video or audio to allow identification of visitors
  • Fully integrated security systems to include fire alarms to meet your legal obligations

How can you benefit from our experience?

You will need to be sure that not only is your system expertly installed, but that you are fully competent in its operation. All new projects require you or the operator to be fully trained in the use of any new system, and we offer product training at the end of every installation. Only when we are satisfied that users are competent in the use of their systems, do we sign them off.

We also run individual and refresher training for organisations that may have had a change of operational staff, to ensure that new employees are competent with the operation of their systems.

For more information on how GES can help you meet your retail security requirements, please call 01268 776866


Retail Security