Security Consultancy

Whilst GES Security is not a security consultancy firm, we do consult very closely with our clients and prospective clients, to ensure that the system we are designing for them, is both cost effective and entirely fit for purpose.

If you need our expertise or experience, we offer the services of our sales team and technical engineers to outside organisations on a consultancy basis. By striving for technical excellence, innovation, value and service, GES has the expertise to be a provider of professional services in the fire and security sector. Whether you are in the public sector, an architect, building owner or a developer, we can help you to set your property protection goals.

Why choose GES?

Our team of professionals have the knowledge, qualifications and experience, to be able to recommend security measures that address risks, thereby protecting people, property, assets and reputation, whilst complementing your business operations.

With an ever increasing choice of comprehensive security measures available today,  unbiased expert knowledge is essential to ensure that security solutions are being used to their full potential, and that all risks within your business are identified and mitigated effectively and efficiently.

Experts in fire safety

If you need advice on fire security measures, then the fire safety professionals at GES have the experience and specialist knowledge to advise, assess and design across the built environment.

We can assist you in your responsibilities for the protection of people, assets and the continuity of business operations by:-

  • Putting in place comprehensive fire strategies
  • Ensuring fire safety management  protection systems are completely optimised for each facility
  • Consistent risk management, regulatory compliance and practical long term management regimes
  • Identifying risks and designing safeguards to prevent, control, and mitigate the effects of fires
  • Assisting architects, building owners, property managers and developers in evaluating property protection goals

Whatever your security or fire safety consultancy requirements, call one of our expert team today on 01268 776866


Security Consultancy