Security Maintenance

Why do you need maintenance?

When you think of security maintenance, you should see this as a regular servicing and breakdown package, designed to maintain the reliability and performance of your building services.

You will always be advised on the  highest quality security and fire equipment. However, preventative maintenance planning is required to extend the life-cycle of your product, ensure legal and insurance obligations, and most importantly offer the highest level of protection to your business or home.

Why choose GES?

Your security requirements will always be met by GES, with the highest quality security and fire equipment.  When you partner with GES, you will receive a full 12 months parts and labour warranty for your newly installed system. However, preventative maintenance planning is required to extend the life-cycle of your product, as well as ensuring all of your legal and insurance obligations are met.

When you install a security system provided by GES, this will be accompanied by regular preventative maintenance inspections and backed up with a rapid prioritised response, as and when required, to ensure the highest levels of protection are maintained. The certified engineers at GES will maintain and service your systems and where needed give you recommendations for enhancements or upgrades.  Always equipped with the right parts in our service vehicles, our expert assistance is just a phone call away.  Any threat to your security is an emergency to GES, and we are committed to the quickest possible dispatch.

What are the benefits of our maintenance service?

GES fire and security services, offer standard and comprehensive service and maintenance contracts for all security systems, whether they have been installed by us or by others. The benefits of our security maintenance packages include:-

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Regular preventative maintenance inspections
  • Vehicles comprehensibly stocked and highly skilled engineers
  • Rapid prioritised response service
  • Dedicated customer service desk
  • Service 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week
  • Comprehensive maintenance contracts for all of your security systems
  • Tailored contracts to meet your requirements

Do you have existing systems that need maintaining?

GES is committed to providing the very best after sales support, whether we install your system, or take over an existing system from another provider.

If you already have an existing system, and are looking for an expert maintenance provider, we are experienced in the maintenance and testing of a wide range of products, as well as those sourced through our partners. Our testimonials will bear witness to our professional customer base of satisfied clients

For more information on how GES can help you meet your maintenance requirements, please call 01268 776866


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